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Video Poker Rules

Video Poker is a popular casino game that resembles playing poker hands on a slot machine. The majority of video poker games at online casinos are based on five-card draw poker. However, there are plenty of variations including ones with Wild Cards thrown in for good measure.

I cover the most popular games in more detail in the "Video Poker Games" section of my video poker rules guide below.

Video Poker Teacher

Golden Reef Casino : the best online casino for playing Video Poker

Playing Video Poker

To play video poker, first decide on the number of coins you are going to play and place your bet. Each game will show a payout schedule showing the various winning hands and payouts, based on the number of coins bet. Once you make your bet, you normally push the "Deal" button. After your cards are dealt, you decide which cards you would like to keep, normally by clicking on the cards you want to hold. After making your selections, press the "Draw" button, and the cards you have elected to discard (not labeled hold) will be replaced, to arrive at your final hand.

Instead of playing against an opponent, you win when you hold any of the combinations listed on the payout table. Note that each game has different "winning" hands which recive a payout. . . in many games, a winning hand must consist of at least a pair of Jacks or Kings. If your resulting hand is a winning combination, you will be credited according to the payout schedule. You will then often have to choose whether to double your bet or collect your winnings, by clicking on the button of your choice.

Video Poker Games

JACKS OR BETTER: The minimum winning hand is one pair of jacks, queens, kings or aces. Otherwise, it plays according to the standard description above. Other variations include "Kings or Better" and "10s or Better".

ALL-AMERICAN: This is your basic video poker game, but it generally has higher payouts for straights and flushes, so adjust your strategy accordingly.

JOKER POKER: A Joker is thrown into a standard 52-card deck as a wild card. This wild card can be used as a substitute for any other card, or it can be used to create a five of a kind. The game will automatically compute the best hand for you when a Joker is present. The probability of getting a Joker in your hand is about once in ten hands. Because of the advantage of the wild card, the minimum rank for a winning hand is two pair, and the payout schedule is usually a bit lower than its non-wild card counterparts.

DEUCES WILD POKER: Since all 2's are now Wild, you have four times the likelihood of drawing a Wild card than in Joker Poker. Consequently, it is easier to make winning hands, and therefore payouts are lower. It also requires a unique strategy, an example of which is given in the Video Poker Tips page.

King Solomons Casino : learn how to play Video Poker for free

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