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Online Slots Strategy

Nearly three centuries of loyal service, and they stick me on the slots strategy page ? And they say that chivalry is dead.

Anyhoo, it doesn't take a genius to figure out that slots are essentially 100% luck. But here are some general guidelines for playing slots online so that you don't lose all your gold.

Slots Strategist

7 Sultans Casino : the best online casino for playing Slots

The result of each spin of a slot machine is determined randomly by a computer program, based on a percentage payout input by the casino (typically around 95% for online casinos). This means that for every $100 bet on the slot machine, it will pay out $95 on average over time. A common misconception is that once a particular machine hits a jackpot, it is less likely to do so in the near future, and vice versa. The fact is that each spin has an equal, mathematically-determined chance of hitting any particular combination.

The highest ratio payouts are usually attained by placing the maximum bet on a slot machine. So if you are unwilling to place the maximum bet at a high-coin machine, you may want to consider moving to a lower-coin machine and placing the maximum bet.

The phenomenon to be wary of with most casino games, and especially slot machines, is called the "churn". You must decide when to stop playing and not simply blow through your entire deposit every time, unless your solitary goal is to hit a progressive jackpot. The machine may be paying out at 95%, but if you lose $95 out of your $100 deposit, and then keep on playing and lose $90 out of your remaining $95 and so on, you may soon find yourself left with nothing. The upside is that you can win a sizable jackpot, and if you set some goals and know when to quit, you could do quite well. . . on a lucky day.

7 Sultans Casino : test your Slots strategy on their free slot machines

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