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Rank of Starting Hands

The table below shows the rank of the best starting hands (i.e., "hole cards") that you can be holding in a game of Texas Holdem Poker. It ranks the hands starting with the best starting hand that you can be dealt. Of course everything changes after the flop, so this is just a guide for judging the relative strength of your hand before the flop.

Starting Hands

The probability of each hand being the winning hand are also given for playing on a table with 10 players. It's no surprise that the best starting hand to hold is Ace-Ace. : you can test your poker skills on their free tables

Note: An (s) indicates that the hole cards are suited (of the same suit).

Rank Your Hole Cards Probability of Winning (10 player tables)
1 Ace • Ace 31.4%
2 King • King 26.4%
3 Queen • Queen 22.7%
4 Ace • King (s) 21.7%
5 Ace • Queen (s) 20.4%
6 Jack • Jack 19.8%
7 King • Queen (s) 19.8%
8 Ace • Jack (s) 19.5%
9 King • Jack (s) 18.9%
10 Ace • 10 (s) 18.9% : poker room with the best bonuses & great software

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