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Online Gambling Tips

Here is a list of basic online gambling tips and general advice to keep in mind when wagering your real money.

Most importantly, never overextend yourself and don't sell your soul to anyone. Some of us have learned the hard way.

For game-specific gambling tips (i.e., poker tips), refer to the main menu and select the tips / strategy page for your game.

The Best Gambling Online is at Casino On Net !

Set Achievable Goals

Quit while you are ahead.

Pocket a sizable portion of your winnings, once achieved, then play with the remainder.

Set goals for winning and for losing, before entering the casino.

Use progressive betting: after every win, raise your bet by at least half of your previous win. After a loss, go back to your basic minimum bet.

Practice each game before wagering real money, by playing as a Guest.

Do not play if you are feeling ill, tired, or are intoxicated.

Take your time to think during and between bets, and take frequent breaks.

Keep a gambling log of winnings and losses for tax purposes.

Only gamble at the best, most trustworthy online casinos.

. . . and, hopefully, Have Fun !

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