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Blackjack Strategy

Argh, so you found me. . .

Well, since you are here, I might as well inform you that my online blackjack strategy guide outlines basic strategies for playing blackjack using various reference tables below.

These are based on statistical probabilities and do not take into account your own judgement and experience, especially if you adopt other strategies such as counting cards. . .

Blackjack Strategist

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Hit or Stand?

If the Dealer's
Up-Card is a:
Hit On: Stand On:
3, 4, 5, or 6 11 and lower, or
Soft* 17 and lower
12 and higher, or
Soft* 18 and higher
7, 8, 9, 10, or Ace 16 and lower, or
Soft* 17 and lower
17 and higher, or
Soft* 18 and higher
* An ace can count as 1 or 11. A "soft" hand in blackjack is a hand with an ace that counts as 11. A hand with an ace that counts as 1 is called a "hard" hand.

To Split or Not to Split. . .

If the Dealer's Up-Card is a: Split if You Have:
2, 3, 4, 5, 6, or 7 2s, 3s, 8s, or Aces
8, 9, 10, or Ace 8s or Aces

Should I Double?

If Your First
2 Cards Total:
Double if the Dealer's Up-Card is:
11 Anything except an Ace
10 Anything except a 10 or an Ace
9 2 to 8
7 or 8 3 to 6

How About Insurance?

Unless you are counting cards and believe that the odds are in your favor that the dealer's face-down card is a 10, purchasing Insurance is generally not a good bet.

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